Our Company

Kissterra is a family. No joke. We have many pairs of siblings working together in the company and even 3 of the same family in management. we treat each other as family. Baring the burdens of life together inside and outside of the office. We create platforms for other families as well. We understand that people using our technology and affected by it are the same as us. Trying to do good for their family.

We have built revolutionary platforms that simplify what was once unbearable tasks. Ease of use, as well as accuracy and robustness, are the standard for all our products. We can insure anyone using our technology that not only does it work, but it will keep getting better with every passing day. This is our pledge to you.

Ifty Kerzner

Co-Founder & President

Former musician and TV host. Devotes his life to studying the power of the spoken and written word. Veteran entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in building companies, M&A, VC’s and Angel investments. Bachelor of Laws, Master of political science

Segev Shilton

Co-Founder & CEO

Former Israeli Juggling Champion. Devotes his life to exploring the endless possibilities of the online hemisphere. Veteran entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in system architecture, online media, traffic monetization and online marketing. High school dropout, Bachelor of business

Let’s be honest… When we met in 2015 we had one thing on our mind: making the world a better place. No, I’m kidding… it was MONEY. We were two young entrepreneurs, separately trying to make it big like a billion others just like us scattered around the world. At that time, we were both running on fumes after managing over-complicated, over-staffed, highly inflated companies where we worked too hard with no play. And while doing that, you get to a point you start asking yourself hard questions, doubting yourself.
Am I happy?
Do I like what I do?
Why am I really doing what I do?
And if the main answer for the last question is: “money”…
Then it means the answer for the first two is: “NO”.
Because it’s just not enough. And it’s not matter of numbers. It’s never enough.
that’s when we understood we have to create value. Additional to money.
And they differentiate by the fact that when you enjoy what you do, when you bring substance to your daily work, when your proud of what you create in the office, you take that feeling home with you and it makes you a better person. When your kinder to yourself, you find it easier to be kinder to others.
when you end your day with a smile, you find it easier to wake up to the next one. And we all spend most of our day at work, so we should consider this place our home. And we should create an environment where people want to stay longer, work harder, for the common objective which is doing something better with our time than just piling up as much money as we can.
So now we have Kissterra. And what we’re trying to do is beat the system. We are trying to create an environment in which people can grow while helping each other. Where people can pursue their own personal goals and dreams while being a part of a winning team. We want to build a home. A place where people can make money, earn a living but never forget that there is much more the world can offer us than just the amount of zeros on your check. We say this to you but we say this to ourselves too. Every day. We remind ourselves that the journey is all we have, so we might as well enjoy it.
We work hard. We are very thankful for all good things that come our way. We try not to get too mad when things go wrong, and that happens a lot. A LOT. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. That makes you ill. We want to be good people doing good things, be the good guys. We’re still two kids trying the best we can to run a real company. We are Kissterra.

P.S. And yeah… just like in 2015, we wouldn’t mind making a little money.