Kissterra Estate

A New Journey Begins

On our everlasting search of peacefulness, we have created an escape from our daily tasks. For the last year we have been traveling across the country in pursuit of the perfect blend of vines. We concocted a mixture of hand picked grapes to emerge into what is now known as the Kissterra flavour.

Kissterra Estate are proud to present a limited edition masterpiece: Bon Voyage.

We are Where We Come From

We are humble people. Workers of the soil. We give to the land and the land provides back to us. For centuries, our ancestors have been scattered all around the globe. Beyond mountains and valleys, separated by water and earth. Today we celebrate our ability to be united. To walk together towards a brighter future. We are the same as our elders. The frame has changed with time yet the picture stays the same.

Technology is the new agriculture, and programmers are the farmers of the online hemisphere. We work these uncharted lands. With great pride we reap what we sow in an everlasting dance with mother nature. Computers are our gateways to a new existence. The old ripe grapes are now lines of code, and from them we extract the most wonderful, intoxicating truths. And until we all become one, we will share a drink.