Financial Data Platform

At Kissterra, we believe that knowing our customer means knowing their customers. We’ve harnessed 10 years of data technology into creating a new generation of financial data management and optimization tools.

Providing institutes with tailor fit consumers for all major financial products. We are proud to introduce our “disruptive” new system, producing thousands of new & unique financial clients on a daily basis.

Advanced Thinking, Established Solutions

  • Consumers
  • FinancialInstitutes
  • DataAssets
  • Multi StateSolution

Millions of Consumers

Using “Cerebralex” we have successfully matched millions of US consumers with a financial product that suits their needs.

Ranging from lines of credit to business loans, mortgage to credit cards, our system is being used by a vast variety of enterprises. This exposes us to hundreds of thousands of potential clients that feed our data stream every day.

Top Financial Institutes

Kissterra’s signature data management & analysis tools are being used to generate and engage customers for many US financial institutes.

Platform users’ feedback indicates that the use of our products results in increased revenue being generated from old data sources. We highly recommend using our full-scale solutions for all data related issues.

Unique Data Assets

Aimed at setting an industry-leading standard, Kissterra’s proprietary systems currently collect dozens of data assets (financial + non-financial related attributes) for each potential client being run through our system.

Our unique filtering and identification process creates better-targeted financial consumers thus increasing profitability for corporations using our platform.

Multi-State Solution

Targeting the US financial market, Kissterra have grown to be one of the most well-known & trusted data technology companies in North America.

Providing a full “50 state” solution for consumers and companies alike. Our platform can perform for giant corporations as well as regional businesses.