Deep Learning Insurance Platform

Our newest product features a set of tools specifically crafted to enhance the fragmenting relationship between insurance consumers and the carriers.

We are generating a holistic personalized customer experience dedicated to increase satisfaction and LTV. In a traditional world making a giant online leap, we present the future of Carrier - Consumer communication.

Auto Insurance

Home Insurance

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Our omni-channel platform provides solutions for different insurance verticals.


While the “old guard” is facing the fear of irrelevance and the “new guys” are fighting for legitimacy, we offer a new unique set of tools especially made to make sure insurance consumers reach your brand. Our software is focused on improving customer communication methods, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

Bringing the smile back to the relationship.


In the confusing world of online insurance shopping, we offer consumers a break from the endless chase after lower rates and better coverage.

Our revolutionary marketplace allows insurance shoppers to enjoy all the benefits of having an AI-driven personal assistant helping them make an educated decision.

Because the consumer is always right.


We have focused all our singular client profiling abilities to generate a unique insurance smart matching model.

The self-learning algorithm changes in real-time to produce custom results with high compatibility rates. Forget about overpaying or being underinsured, meet the new generation of insurance woven into your distinct virtual DNA.

Find the results you are looking for. Relevant, accurate, unique.


As the current line of online insurance products is changing by the hour, new players are entering the market making old practices obsolete. Our tech is integrating with all new relevant platforms, offering a full and complete solution. Ranging from the physical to the theoretical - if it can be insured, it can be connected by our tech.

Strong products always stay ahead - so there is no catching up to do.