A Piece of Us

Kissterra is a family and the office is our home. We spent countless hours creating the perfect scent to embody our culture and spirit. We are proud to introduce "Kissmell", a new fragrance by Kissterra.

How Did We Create Our Signature Smell?

Upper Fragrance Level

Plump Nutmeg

Pure Madagascar Vanilla

Pretty Caramel

Base Fragrance Level

Fabulous White Musk

Fresh Patchouli

Ferocious Gardenia

Deep Fragrance Level

Strong Sandal Wood

Silly Tonka Beans

We Are The Sum of Our Senses

It is a well-known secret that the human brain is massively affected by surrounding chemicals. The entirety of our nervous system can change its responses and behavior due to the external presence of unfamiliar scents. How we feel is who we are and what we smell is how we feel.

We went a great distance to distill the exact notion that makes Kissterra who we are. Humble and confident, quiet yet heard. We take this feeling home with us, we believe in the impossible. Our odor is what defines us. How our soul projects itself to the physical world.

Be a part of the new generationcome to the Kissterra offices to experience.