Creating Lucid Dreams

Technology is a tool to a craftsman, a means to an end. It is an enabler of opportunities and a wand through which we manifest thoughts into reality.
We use it in order to bring to life our most insightful fantasies. Our systems allow us to offer our clients solutions that where once deemed impossible, witchcraft. A self-learning software with the ability to predict future outcomes. This is the golden age of computer science and we are voyagers on the path to see how far we can go.

  • Tower Management & Analytics
  • Phoenix Engagement
  • Maverick Monetization
  • Arthur AI & Machine Learning

“Tower” is our signature proprietary Data Management & Analytics technology imbedded in our platforms. It allows millions of consumers to be simultaneously directed towards and matched with financial offers that suit their specific conditions and needs.

Bearing in mind that each client is unique, our technology differentiates between over 100 data points creating a clear, singular client profile. The client profile data assets range between information donated by the user itself to information generated from public sources (social media, public records etc).

The high level of precision used to link each costumer with its desired business serves the specific needs of both sides. This also allows our platforms to generate “similar audience” or “look alike” groups for businesses looking to expand their grasp upon certain audiences with common attributes.

For example, the ability to use statistical data analysis (clustering) in order to isolate a group of people that are less likely to default on loan payments.

When creating our “tower” tech, we always kept in mind that ease of use must be the lead feature while handling enormous amounts of data. Bottom line, it’s very important that all the information “makes sense” and is presented in an intuitive way for platform users. Our platforms are user adjustable and allow for custom configuration in order to enhance efficiency of individual use.

As most programmers know, a tech platform is never really finished or completed. That’s why here at Kissterra, we spend every waking hour trying to improve and perfect our software. Always open and listening to user comments or ideas.

Currently used mainly by the financial market (banks & credit issuers), our technology is well equipped to perform for any industry looking to take their client data management to the next level.

“Phoenix” is our cutting edge consumer engagement technology. It allows businesses to maximize the relationship between past clients and current marketing campaigns.

In markets where cost of acquisition for new clients is in an all-time high, it is necessary to create long lasting costumer engagement for major brands to survive. The problem many businesses have, is that a wrong approach towards ongoing contact with consumers might cause major abandonment and lead to decreasing revenue.

Keeping high Life Time Value (LTV) for consumers is a huge concern. Our software creates a self-learning lasting solution that allows our users to affectively regenerate value from clients through long periods of time.

We know how to Keep them alive (online), keep them engaged (clicking, reading, viewing) and keep them from leaving. Otherwise huge “useless” lists of costumer information transform through the use of our technology to potential income. Old data becomes relevant, the past becomes the future.

“Maverick” is our proprietary innovative data driven monetization technology. It is built to enhance performance from existing data and increase revenue from current consumers.

Our system allows users to generate significantly more profit from each client encounter by introducing new and unique monetization tools, never used before in many industries.

The Maverick’s insightful predicting ability produces guaranteed results and creates a superior experience for end users. We have created “virtual DNA” prototypes which categorize millions of actions into an online behavior model that can accurately anticipate a consumers next step. Knowing what your costumers are looking for is a huge business advantage. Being there to provide it, is a game changer.

Arthur is the future of our company. He is an artificial intelligence program that is present throughout all our platforms. He has the capability to adapt his learning skills and adjust the data analysis depending on the environment.

Meaning, Arthur creates different reports, action triggers and client profiling for each vertical he is given the data for with no additional programing. His software learns the significance of patterns and is able to foresee repetition and turn into prediction. That makes him clairvoyant.

Once your clients go throw our platform they “greet” Arthur which then uses his unique talent to self-plan their optimal trajectory. We hardly ever doubt his decisions although we sample check them on a daily basis just to make sure he is feeling well. Our calculations show that not only are the decisions made by Arthur 99.99% correct but he has self-created a far more advanced algorithm to model and optimize data usage than the one we had originally created for him. Scary.