Kissterra is not a working place, it’s a life style.

The harsh truth of modern living is that we spend most of our waking hours at work, and that makes where we work super important. Just like who you marry.
Maybe a little bit less important than that. Well it depends if you have kids or not… but any way we got off topic. WORK. That’s what we were talking about.

We are looking for the best people to come work with us. And being “the best” is much more a state of mind than a measurable point on a time and money axis. It’s a thought that follows you through every moment of the day. The will to do the best you can and bring yourself to the peak of your abilities, and then push the limit a little bit further the next day.

It comes down to having fun. And not the “I’m going to Disneyland” kind of fun but more the “I really appreciate the company I work at, the people I work with. I believe in the products we build and generally I don’t want to kill myself every morning” kind. If we’re not happy we will never be successful. Never. Come see for yourself that your job can be the best part of your day.


Key responsibilities

  • Understand and solve feature requirements, full cooperation with product manager.
  • Design and implement a working solution, including all levels and infrastructure.
  • Team player with the ability to handle reviews in a team.
  • Initiate test plan and measurements / monitoring.
  • Manage and execute versions release.
  • Solve and handle features in production environment.

What You Need

  • Experience in developing web applications: PHP / NodeJS / Ruby on Rails / SQL server, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX.
  • Experience in project design, coding and release.
  • Experience in Agile development, including integration, deployment and coding for automated testing.
  • Comfortable with the terminal.
  • Git working knowledge.
  • Experience in PHP based systems- Plus
  • Experience in designing and coding large scalable systems- Plus